SONAX Profiline Ultimate Cut 06-03 5L

SONAX Profiline Ultimate Cut 06-03 5L

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SONAX Profiline UltimateCut 06-03 is a highly effective abrasive polish for high processing speeds, contains high purity, extremely hard aluminium oxide.

• Cut 6+, removes sanding marks up to P1000 even faster. Gloss 3.
• wide processing window, stays open longer
• Easily wiped away
• Clean and economical thanks to Low Dust Technology
• Multi languages label

1.If necessary, first sand the paintwork with abrasive paper in the grain size P1000 (or finer).
2.Use either a rotational polishing machine with the Lambskin Pad 133 (04931410) or an orbital polishing machine with the Hybrid Wool Pad 143DA (04938000). The machines can be tilted slightly at the outset. Afterwards apply the pad level and, particularly on fresh paintwork, carry out the polishing in several short passes.
3.Wipe off polish residues with a Microfibre Cloth ultra fine (04507000). Polish afterwards to a high gloss with Perfect Finish (02243000).