SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish 04-06 250ml

SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish 04-06 250ml

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Sonax Perfect Finish is a medium-cut polish with a name that explains it all! Sonax Perfect Finish is finally available in the Canada after years of countless phone calls and emails from gloss-crazed car care enthusiasts demanding that Germany s best car polish become available on our shores. Rest assured the formula is unchanged Sonax Perfect Finish, accurately described as a medium-cut polish with the finishing ability of an ultra-fine polish, is in stock and ready to polish your vehicle to a perfect finish!

Sonax Perfect Finish, better known in the detailing world as magic in a bottle, redefines what a medium cut polish is capable of. By utilizing the most advanced nano-abrasives ever milled, Sonax Perfect Finish is capable of removing moderate to heavy swirl marks, water spots and oxidation while finishing like an ultra-fine polish. Such impressive abrasive technology is the result of the stringent quality standards set forth by Sonax of Germany.