SONAX Profiline Cut and Finish 05-05 250ml 250ml

SONAX Profiline Cut and Finish 05-05 250ml 250ml

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SONAX is a German company with nearly 100 years mining abrasives, so it s no surprise that they were able to create a game changer like Cut & Finish. What about Cut & Finish makes it a game changer? On a scale from 1-6, with 1 being the least and 6 being the most, SONAX Cut & Finish is rated at 5 for cut and 5 for gloss. Using the same scale, a conventional compound with a cut of 5 would have a rating of 1 for gloss! SONAX Cut & Finish is a truly remarkable product that saves you from performing additional polishing steps!

SONAX Cut & Finish has an intense abrasive effect for quickly eradicating gloss-hindering paint defects, such as dust occlusion, paint overspray, water spots, and sanding marks. SONAX Cut & Finish has a high abrasion level with an incredible gloss rating that truly puts it in a league of its own. SONAX Cut & Finish is the compound you ve been searching for!

Not only does SONAX Cut & Finish offer an incredible amount of cut for the finish it creates, it s easy to use as well! You ll especially appreciate the long working time and the outstanding wipe off. SONAX Cut & Finish is also one of the best values on the market.

If you re looking to eliminate steps without sacrificing performance, SONAX Cut & Finish is the compound you've been dreaming of!