SONAX Paint Cleaner 500ml

SONAX Paint Cleaner 500ml

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Sonax paint cleaner is the ultimate pre-wax cleaner. Sonax paint cleaner is not recommended for vehicles less than a year old. But on older finishes, Sonax paint cleaner really makes them shine. 

Use a foam applicator to apply Sonax paint cleaner. Apply by hand or polisher. Wipe Sonax paint cleaner over the paint one section at a time. Use a soft microfiber towel to buff away. Carnauba wax in Sonax paint cleaner gives the paint vibrant gloss and protection. Nano wax particles fill in small scratches to create the smoothest possible paint finish. Once Sonax paint cleaner is applied over the pre-polished paint, imperfections will virtually disappear. 

Sonax paint cleaner uncovers a fresh, like-new paint finish by removing old, dead paint from the paint’s outermost layer. The tiny abrasives gently remove these particles while the carnauba nourishes and brightens the paint underneath. Deep, rich color will be instantly restored. 

Sonax paint cleaner works like a fine renewal cream for automotive paint. Used as a final step before wax application, Sonax paint cleaner will make your vehicle’s paint look new again.