SONAX Profiline Leather Cleaner 1L

SONAX Profiline Leather Cleaner 1L

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SONAX Profiline Leather Cleaner is an extra strong foam cleaner for upholstery and trims made of pigmented smooth leather. Removes even the most stubborn dirt without leaching out or attacking the leather.

*Do not use on aniline, nubuck, velours or suede leathers.

Directions For Use:

Vacuum off coarse dirt. Pour cleaner into a foam sprayer and spray onto a SONAX Fabric and Leather Brush or Application Sponge to massage into the leather.

Afterwards, thoroughly wipe off with a damp microfiber cloth.

After cleaning, we recommend using SONAX Profiline Leather Protection to protect, maintain, and preserve the leather.

Please Note:

DO NOT USE on aniline leather and suede.

Always clean the complete surface. Before application (especially on leather steering wheels) test for color fastness and abrasion resistence in an inconspicuous area.

Do not use on hot surfaces.

Do not allow to dry.

Protect against freezing.